The Violin Choir 1 is a group class for violinists in their second-third year on their instrument and is a supplemental class for students taking private lessons. Students will be using their whole bow, multiple notes in 1 bow (slurs), and multiple stops in 1 bow.  The class will play A major scale, D major scale, and eventually the 2-octave G major scale.  Students in Violin Choir 1 should be playing pieces around the end of Suzuki Book 1 through the beginning of Suzuki Book 2, or the end of Solo Time Book 1 through the beginning of Solo Time Book 2.  In this class, there will be an emphasis on technique and posture to prepare students for Violin Choir 2.

Audition Guidelines: A scale and solo piece of your choice

Audition Suggestions: A major, D major scale, O Come Little Children, Allegro, (Suzuki Book 1), The Clown (Solo Time Book 1), Climbing the Mountain (Building Technique with Beautiful Music, Volume 1).

Conductor: Stephanie Swisher

Tuition: $140 

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