Violin Choir 2 is a class for violinists with a solid foundational technique to continue progressing with more advanced techniques.  Students in this ensemble will be playing the A major, D major, G major, and D minor 2-octave scales.  Throughout the year, students in Violin Choir 2 should be working on shifting to 3rd position and vibrato in their private lessons, so that the group can play pieces incorporating these techniques.  Students should also have moved their thumb to the inside of the stick to facilitate correct whole bow use.  This class will have an emphasis on note reading, as well as part playing (duets).

Audition Guidelines:  A scale and solo piece of your choice

Audition Suggestions: D major, D minor, or G major 2-octave scale, Waltz, Two Grenadiers, Song of Many Lands (Solo Time Book 2).

Conductor: Stephanie Swisher

Tuition: $140

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