Intermediate String Orchestra (ISO):

Conductor: Rob Rempher

The Intermediate String Orchestra is designed to take students who have surpassed the Violin Choir levels and introduce them to beginning level string orchestra music. Players ready for this ensemble should be comfortable in 3rd position, have basic sight-reading skills, and full use of the bow. They should also have developed the use of vibrato, have a basic understanding of key signatures, an introduction to double stops, and be able to play rhythms such as 16th notes, dotted rhythms and triplets.

Audition Guidelines:

Two to three minutes of a solo piece of your choice, a 2-octave scale, and sight reading

An example of appropriate solo repertoire is as follows:

Violin: Gavotte in G minor by Bach (Suzuki Bk.3), Humoresque by Dvorak (Suzuki Book 3), Concertino by Kuchler, Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms (Fun with Solos), Seitz Concertos No's 2 and 5, Vivaldi A minor concerto (Suzuki Book 4),

Viola: Suzuki Viola book 3 or 4, Telemann Concerto, 

Cello:  Gavotte by J. B. Lully, Minuet by L. Boccherini, Scherzo by C. Webster, Minuet in G by L. Van Beethoven, Gavotte in C minor by J. S. Bach, Minuet No. 3 by J. S. Bach, Humoresque by A. Dvorák, La Cincuantaine by G. Marie, Allegro Moderato by J. S. Bach (Suzuki Cello Book 3).

Bass:  Please prepare one, 1-2 octave scale.  Acceptable audition pieces would include Suzuki Book 2 or Vance “Progressive Repertoire” Book 2 pieces, Breval sonatina (Solo Time Book 4), Pleyel Sonatina No, 2. (Solo Time Book 4). (ASTA CAP Level 2-3 pieces).  Bassists should demonstrate good posture, intonation in positions I-IV, and strong rhythm.

Tuition: $160

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