9/10 Rehearsal Notes

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What a great start to the year! I am very excited to be conducting the ISO and feel our first rehearsal went smoothly, thanks to our assistant Macduff Henry and many supportive parents. I have several notes from the rehearsal I’d like to share.

Violins: I didn’t mention it, but we need to make sure our bows are all going the same direction. Next rehearsal I will be stopping to correct backwards bowing, so make sure you practice the bowing printed in your music. 1st Violins, work on the shifting/3rd position sections of M to the 3rd Power and Fantasia on an Original Theme. These sections need to be perfectly in tune!

Violas: As usual, there are many violins and only a small handful of violas. Every one of you needs to play with a full bow, in-tune, and with good rhythm. This means you must listen to each other, breath together, and also have an eye on my baton to stay in time. Please work on the solo section on M to the 3rd Power (m.64-96) and also the introduction to Fantasia on an Original Theme. 

Cellos: You are a big and mighty cello section! Because of the “low” nature of your instrument, rhythms can be lost without precise articulation of your notes. You must learn how to breathe together as a section, watch my conducting, and play each rhythm as precise as you can. Also, work on your solo section on M to the 3rd Power (m.64-96). The violins are resting the whole time and this part is really exposed. 

Great job everybody, I am very thankful to be working with so many talented young kids. Practice hard this week, and I want to leave you with a question. What is the difference between a professional musician, verses an amateur? I want to hear your thoughts next week. I-S-O!!! 

-Matt Stutzman