Intermediate String Orchestra News

October 29, 2015

Hello everyone, This weekend, Saturday, Oct. 31, Violin I players need to get up nice and early to come in for a sectional with Mr. Rempher. Show up at the crack of 8AM, or a little before then, and I will have someone let you in the front door. (Even the door thinks it’s early and doesn’t unlock... read more »

October 22, 2015

 Hello everyone, This weekend, our we will have our normal rehearsal (starting at 8:45) on Saturday. We had to move around a bit last week because Bone Hall was being used by the Duke Jazz Band. This week won’t involve as much shuffling of people, instruments, stands, and cases, and riding on... read more »

October 15, 2015

Hello everyone, Thank you for your hard work and for a lovely concert! It was fun to sit out in the audience and hear the pieces that I usually heard from the back of Bone Hall. It sounded wonderfully rich and professional in Baldwin! Mr. Rempher has picked out a new piece for us to work on... read more »

October 15, 2015

 Here are the parts to La Lyra: download read more »

October 8, 2015

Hello everyone, This Saturday, Oct 10th, our morning rehearsal will be held in Baldwin Auditorium. We have a special practice session (sectional) for the 2nd, 3rd violins and violas. So, if you play the 2nd or 3rd violin, or viola, please come to Baldwin Auditorium (through Baldwin’s back entrance... read more »

October 1, 2015

Hello everyone, This Saturday, Oct 3rd, we have special practice sessions (sectionals) for the cellists and the 1st violins. So, if you play cello or the 1st violin part, please arrive as close to 8AM as possible and that will allow you to have a good half hour of specialized group instruction... read more »

September 25, 2015

Hi everyone,  Here is a better link for the Bartok piece we are doing. Listen along as you look at your music. --Elizabeth read more »

September 24, 2015

Hello everyone, This Saturday, Sept 26th, please arrive early for rehearsal (8:30ish) and give yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes to settle in and get tuned. We’ve had a little trouble getting everyone tuned and have been starting later than we should! And if you get there even earlier you can help... read more »

September 23, 2015

Hello Intermediate Strings Families, Our first rehearsal was off to a good start! Mr. Rempher separated the large group of second violinists into seconds and thirds -- with no judgement on skill levels -- just balancing out the piece and giving it another “voice”. I’ll have nametags for all on... read more »