Rehearsal and sectionals, Sep 24

Friday, September 23, 2016

This Saturday, 9/24, the Duke Youth Symphony will meet at 10:15 in Bone Hall as usual and have a bit of rehearsal before breaking up for sectionals in the rooms below. (Exception: Ms. Livingston will start with the 2nd and 3rd movements, which do not include low brass, so low brass can go straight into a little sectional of their own in room 041 before joining the rest of the winds at 11:05 in Bone.)

  • Mvts. 2 and 3: Bone Hall, 10:15
  • Sectional rooms (11:05):
    • Violin 1 (104
    • Violin 2 (041)
    • Viola (103)
    • Cello/Bass (086)
    • WW/Brass/Perc (Bone Hall)

In some of these rooms other classes will be just finishing, so wait courteously outside for them to exit before crowding in!gi
Meanwhile, as you practice over the next few days, check out the recording at , and if you need to you can find your part at These are the preferred parts to use.
It's also nice to know something about the background of the piece. Here are a few sets of program notes: