2013 - 2014 Season


Video links, March 8, 2014

Youth Orchestra

Julius Conus Violin Concerto in E-minor: Julius Conus Violin Concerto in E-minor at Baldwin Auditorium, Duke University 3/8/14                                             

Kabalevsky Concerto: http://youtu.be/-nDV26lpL80

or: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=tZFv6uOr0XY&feature=em-upload_owner

The Hayden Quintet: http://youtu.be/EXFUXZEmoCQ


Intermediate II              

Rhosymedre: http://youtu.be/CblFsqr35uM                                                       SeitzConcerto: http://youtu.be/_5jix0usCks       Vivaldi http://youtu.be/WVYDQm0xyOM


Chamber:                                                                                                                                Beethoven string quartet: http://youtu.be/YotWHr4R6Kk                                           Brahms piano quintet: http://youtu.be/RX3MsD13YRI


Intermediate I
Beginner 1

Audio Links for Beginner and Intermediate I, April 8th




Audio LInks,  October 12, 2013 

For the 3:00 pm concert (Beginners and Intermediate I): Please click on the link below to download your concert to your downloads folder.

For the 7:00 pm concert (Intermediate II and Youth Orchestra): Please click on the link below to download your concerts to your downloads folder.  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58829492/DUSS%20101213%207PM.zip







The DUSS newsletter is distributed  at our four concerts. Please give your news to  Emily Reisner, reisneremily@gmail.com, in advance of the concerts.

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