Payment and Refunds

  • All Fees are payable in advance for the entire semester and are not refundable after the first day of instruction.
  • No lessons will be given until payment is received.  
  • Payments may be made by check or online with a credit card.  Please email Katharine Whitmore: with any questions.

Lesson Make-Up

Our Fall Semester  begins on August 28 and runs through December 6. Please note that there are 14 private lessons each semester.

  • You are responsible for scheduling make-up lessons with your teacher.
  • Your teacher may elect to give up to 2 make-up lessons if the proper advance notice was given for the absences.
  • Twenty-four hour prior notice must be given to the teacher for a missed lesson, otherwise the lesson will be counted as given.
  • Teachers cannot be expected to make up more than 2 student absences of any kind unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

Expectations for Ensemble Participants

·      Attendance at all rehearsals and all concerts.
·      Arrival on time, tuned, warmed up, and ready to play at the start time for each orchestra.  Students should plan to arrive ten minutes before the start of their orchestra in order to be ready to play. 

Absences from regular rehearsals

  • All students must call or email conductors ahead of a projected absence from an orchestra rehearsal. 
  • The conductor has the discretion to make adjustments to a student’s concert participation if a student has more than 2 unexcused absences from rehearsals prior to a concert. 
  • Three tardy arrivals may be counted as an absence by the conductor.
Absences from orchestra dress rehearsal
  • A student cannot play in the concert if he or she misses the dress rehearsal without prior explanation and agreement between the conductor, parents, and the student.

Mid-Semester Auditions

  • DUSS may open mid-semester auditions to allow for students to join during the year.  Due to rehearsal space and balance issues, there may be a limit to the number of students that can participate in each ensemble, so openings will depend on the instrument.