Music Theory I  (Fall Semester) Includes all the basic building blocks that make up music. Students will study staff notation, key signatures, intervals, triads, 7th chords, ear training, and even conducting. Theory I sets the foundation for the rules and construction of Western- European music composition. Available to: DUSS musicians learning... read more »

Viola for Violinists Viola for Violinists is a class for violin students in the ISO, CSO, and YS level who are interested in learning about how to play the viola.  Violists are always in hot demand, both in chamber music and in string orchestras.  Whether you want to add viola to your wheelhouse, or are considering making the switch, take this class!  It's a great opportunity for students to give... read more »

Master Classes In Master Classes, students play a solo piece in a practice performance setting and receive comments on their work.   Performance classes like these are incredibly helpful for students to gain experience and confidence performing solo works in a supportive environment.  These classes are informative for students participating, as well as students and parents observing.  Students... read more »