Final Concert Notes: ISO

Greetings, ISO!

It has been a great year! I've enjoyed spending these past two semesters getting to know everyone in the ISO and rehearsing and performing music together. We are so close to our final concert, but we are not ready to perform yet. I need everyone to stay focused on learning those last few notes and rhythms on your own, so we can have a great last rehearsal putting it all together. There is no group I believe in more than the ISO to pull off an original work by a local composer. Boyd Gibson wrote a tricky song, but I know we are up to the challenge. Also, remember our rehearsal this Saturday (5/6) is at East Chapel Hill High School. My assistant and I will be selling Durham Bulls tickets, $12 each. Come find me at rehearsal, or before or after the concert on Sunday. Have a great weekend, practice hard, and let's have an amazing Spring Concert!