Third Concert Cycle (April concert) 2023

Congratulations for the great performance on Saturday! 

 For our final concert on April 29th, we will work on G major and Bach's Minuet 1, and a new piece by Polish Composer Górecki "Dla Jasiunia (For Jasiunia)" which the composer dedicated this piece for his grandson.

All choirs and orchestras will play a piece by J.S. Bach to dedicate the concert for Mr. Sam Hammond who passed away about 2 years ago. He was our beloved pianist to accompany DUSS students at solo recitals and choir concerts for years. He was a Carillon player at Duke Chapel for over 50 years.

We will play Minuet 1 with Cello Choir 1 as duet. It will be another great experience to get to play with the cellists!

Download G major scale (pdf - 166.93 KB)
Download Minuet 1 (pdf - 739.16 KB)
Download For Jasiunia 1 (pdf - 1.05 MB)