Youth Symphony Leadership Auditions 2022

Dear Youth Symphony Students,

The following are excerpts for the upcoming leadership auditions for violins, violas, cellos, and bass students for the YS. Applicants will be judged by their musicality, steady tempo, solid intonation, ability to cue, rhythm, posture, and technique. Throughout the year, leaders need to abide by the attendance policy and set a good example to the other orchestra members with their preparation, posture, and behavior.  

Violin leaders come from the 1st violin section and must audition into the 1st violin section in order to be a leader. Violinists who are already in the 1st violin section of their orchestra need only prepare the leadership excerpt to audition for leadership. Violin leaders rotate between leading the 1st and 2nd violin sections. Auditions will be conducted in person which you can learn about here.

Students wishing to remain in the same section in the same orchestra they were placed in during 2021-22 DO NOT need to audition.

Students wishing to audition for YS but are not interested in auditioning for leadership seats can visit the following website for audition guidelines HERE.

Leadership audition repertoire include selections from Holst's St. Paul Suite and Beethoven Symphony No. 1, which are posted below. We look forward to hearing your auditions!