Winds, Brass, Harp, Piano, Percussion Students

*Note: We are not able to include winds and brass for the Fall 2021 semester, but we hope to include them in our full orchestra soon. These students are welcome to send an audition tape for ensemble placement so that we know their level for when we are able to have winds and brass in our Youth Symphony.

The Duke String School Youth Symphony is a full symphony orchestra that performs original works from the standard repertoire while refining orchestral technique. Musicians in this orchestra (strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion), demonstrate advanced ability on their instrument. The wind, brass, harp, piano and percussion sections are filled by area students and adult volunteers.

The Youth Symphony plays varied repertoire in which not every one of your instruments is used on every piece on every concert, we have a modified registration policy and fee structure for these non-string players students.

This policy includes: 

  • All students must register for each semester in which they play a concert. 
  • There is a one-time nonrefundable administrative fee of $30 for registration as a new student.  There is no administrative fee for subsequent registrations.
  • If students are participating in the February concert which takes place during the Spring Semester, they are encouraged to attend the three rehearsals which take place after the November concert and before the end of the Fall Semester.  They will not receive an extra fee for these rehearsals.
  • The fee for winds, brass, harp, percussion, and piano players is $105 each semester. This is a $100 discount from the string fee, as we understand that the use of each instrument varies.
  • If the fee makes participation not possible due to financial constraints, we welcome scholarship applications.
  • DUSS Youth Symphony
    DUSS Youth Symphony
  • DUSS Youth Symphony
    DUSS Youth Symphony