9/8/16 Conductors Notes

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to learn 90% of the music? But, what about the last 10%? More specifically, I am talking about correct bowing, phrasing, dynamics, and tempo changes. I am also talking about those several measures that get out-of-tune. And, those tricky rhythms you haven’t quite figured out. During practice this week, concentrate on the small. Don’t worry about playing through the entire piece. Look for those few measures that still need work, and fix them! 

Our next rehearsal will feature a sight-reading piece. Many young students find sight-reading to be hard. The most important thing about reading music for the first time is getting the rhythms correct. “It is better to play the wrong note at the right time, than the correct note at the wrong time,” my teacher used to say. Try looking at a new piece of music this week. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What key signature is the piece in?
  2. What is the time signature?
  3. What tempo should the piece be played at?

Without playing a note on your instrument, inspect the music for any tricky rhythms. Try counting them out before you play. As soon as you feel ready, pick a slow steady tempo and stick to it! The point of sight-reading is to play through the song, not stop every other measure!

Keep working hard on your technique, intonation, shifting, vibrato, sight-reading, keeping your room clean, learning to cook, and doing your chores. Have a productive week, seeya this Saturday!

-Matt Stutzman