Auditions take place before the fall semester begins for our ensembles.  Auditions are for new students, students wishing to move to the next ensemble, participate in a leadership position (ISO, CSO, YS orchestras), participate in the DUSS Ciompi Quartet Collective.

We are not able to have winds and brass in our Youth Symphony Orchestra at this time, however we are accepting audition videos from winds, brass, and percussion students for when we are able to bring these instruments back.

Come learn about the Duke University String School, meet the instructors, and learn about and new events each year in person at our Fall Orientation.

Auditions will be by video submission for Fall 2021. We will only review auditions of students who are registered by the audition deadline on 8/26.

Audition Guidelines: Auditions are for new students, students wishing to move to the next ensemble, leadership positions in ISO, CSO and YS orchestras, students new to the DUSS Chamber Music program, and the DUSS Ciompi Collective (DCC). 

Memorization of the selected scale and piece is preferred but not required. Students should follow the ensemble guidelines listed HERE for piece and scale selection. Before you record, confirm your scale and piece selection with your teacher. Students working on lengthy solo pieces need only record a maximum of 5 minutes of the piece. Students with shorter pieces should record the entire piece.

Videos submitted must be from recordings made between June 1, 2021 – August 26, 2021. 

There is no sight reading component for Fall 2021 chamber/ensemble placement.

Leadership excerpts for ISO, CSO and YS will be posted on the individual ensemble blogs by Tuesday, August 10th.

Deadline for video submission:  Thursday, August 26, 2021, 11:59pm.

Please note that students are placed in ensembles based on their ability level, not their age.

There are 2 ways to submit a video:

  1. Upload a scale and solo piece to YouTube and send the video link(s) to: We recommend you make the video “unlisted” so that it is not public. Include the student’s full name and the piece title in the email.


  2. Upload the scale and solo piece to your own Google Drive Folder and share the folder with with “edit access." In the sharing settings, also mark down "anyone with link can access the video" so that teachers on different computers can view the video. Include the student’s full name and the piece title in the Google Drive folder.

    Note: Do not delete the video for 1 month so that we can have access to it. If you delete the video from your Google Drive, we will not be able to view it. You may receive multiple emails from teachers’ emails requesting permission to view the video.