Violin Choir II News

April 2022 Concert pieces are Scottish Dance and Can't You Dance the Polka.  Download(s): All Through the Night.pdf #8:#9 VC2.pdf Landler--Fingered.pdf Can't You Dance the Polka?.pdf Scottish Dance.pdf read more about Spring 2022 Music »

Welcome to Violin Choir 2! This semester we will be playing Haste Thee, Nymph as a round; and Marche with piano accompaniment. We will also be working on A major and A minor 2-octave scales.  Download(s): Haste Thee, Nymph.pdf March.pdf 2octaminor.pdf 2 octave AM.pdf read more about Fall 2021 Music »

This semester in Violin Choir 2 we will be playing a 3-part round called Come, Follow, and Rigadoon by Purcell.  Practice instructions prior to first rehearsal: Rigadoon: Practice with the metronome set at 80 (one beat equals a quarter note). Remember, low 2nd fingers on the A string and the E string.  Come, Follow: Practice with the metronome set at 60 (one beat equals a quarter note). Focus on getting good half steps between 2nd and 3rd fingers on the A string: as well as half steps between 1st and 2nd… read more about Violin Choir 2 Spring 2021 Music »

Hello, VC2! Here you can find our music for the third concert cycle. We'll be working on vibrato with O How Lovely Is the Evening and playing a duet of Sailor's Hornpipe. I'm also attaching our D minor scales so we can start working on those in class, too. For Sailor's Hornpipe, I'll be assigning parts to learn so we can play it together as a duet. Here are the part assignments: Top part: Ilsa, Luka, Haochen, Royce, Emma, Ajax, Neila, Frank Bottom part: Matilda, Shael, Patrick, Rosie, Ashten, Ryan, Varunie, Ian As… read more about Spring 2020 3rd Concert Cycle »

Below are the two new pieces we'll be learning for our next concert in February, Blue Lullaby and Soldier's Joy. You can download and print them out if you lose your copies! Looking forward to our first concert next week! Download(s): Blue Lullaby.pdf Soldier’s Joy.pdf read more about Winter 2019-2020 Pieces »

Welcome to the Violin Choir II blog! I had such a great time meeting everyone last Saturday. Here's where you can find the music we’ll be working on for our concerts. Our first set of pieces can also be found under “Fall 2019 Concert Pieces.” If you lose a piece of music from your folder, you can always print it off from the blog to continue practicing it. Here is some additional information about the class: Parents are always welcome to stay as observers. Please arrive early enough to get ready to start on… read more about Welcome to Violin Choir II 2019/20! »

Hello and welcome to the Violin Choir 2 news page! I'm so excited to get started with everyone this coming Saturday, September 7. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and I can't wait to make music together in group class! Below are the two pieces we'll be doing for our first concert on November 2: Come, Follow; and Rakes of Mallow. I've also attached the G major scale and arpeggio song we'll be working on. If you happen to lose your music from your folder, you can print them out here. Please don't hesitate to contact… read more about Fall 2019 Concert Pieces »

Here is the music for our third concert cycle this year. We'll be playing Sweet Melody (with vibrato!) and Pineapple Bounce. I'll have copies for everyone this Saturday for your folders; you can also download and print off here. See you Saturday for our dress rehearsal and concert! Download(s): Sweet Melody Pineapple Bounce.pdf read more about Sweet Melody and Pineapple Bounce »

Hello, Violin Choir II! Attached are the D minor scales we've been practicing in class with the three types of minor: natural, harmonic, and melodic minor. I believe everyone got a hard copy this past week, but feel free to download and print off these scales if necessary! A huge thank you to Ms. Nonoko for these scales! Download(s): D_minor_scales.pdf read more about D minor scales »

Congratulations on a fantastic first concert on Saturday! I'm so proud of all of you for the work you put into learning and performing our pieces. Attached are the pieces for our second concert on February 16. We'll be playing "Dreamy Eyed Sue" and "Fireman's Reel." I'm looking forward to starting rehearsals this coming week! Ms. Julia Download(s): February Concert Pieces read more about Second Concert Cycle Music »

Hello! I have added some bowings and fingerings to our two pieces for our November concert. I'll have copies for your folders at our next class on September 22nd. Please also print these out to practice at home over the next week. As always, let me know if you have any questions! Stay safe this weekend! Download(s): Cripple Creek.pdf Swaying Song.pdf read more about Swaying Song and Cripple Creek »

Welcome to Violin Choir 2! I'm so excited to be working with you this year. For the first concert, we'll be working on two pieces: Cripple Creek and Swaying Song. Our first class is Saturday, September 8th from 12:30-1:30 in Room 101 in the Biddle Music Building on Duke's East Campus. Throughout the semester, I would like students to perform solos for each other for performance practice. Please let me know ahead of time if you ever have a teacher-approved, memorized solo you'd like to play. If you need to miss a… read more about Welcome to Violin Choir 2 for the 2018-2019 year! »