Chamber Music

The Chamber Music Program develops musicians into strong chamber music performers. Chamber music is a team effort but one that requires each musician's personal commitment to give their best.

Students at the ISO, CSO and YS level are able to participate in chamber music, and coachings are scheduled based on group and coach availability during the fall and spring semesters. Students are expected to get together to rehearse without their coach throughout the semester. Students must be in a DUSS orchestra in order to participate in Chamber Music.

Students interested in chamber music should indicate their interest in "Chamber" when registering online so that they can receive the necessary information to participate.

All students interested in participating in a Chamber Group will send a video of a scale and ~3 minutes of a solo piece for assessment (link to instructions below). This is for all students–new and returning–interested in playing in a chamber group in order to help us put together cohesive groups. When submitting your assessment video, include the student's ensemble level, age, and previous chamber experience, including pieces previously played in the email or comment section.

Deadline for all video submissions:  Thursday, August 24, 2022, 11:59pm.

Additional questions? Please email our Chamber Music Coordinator: Mr. Rob Rempher,

  • Send assessment video following the guidelines and instructions HERE