Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Dress Rehearsals:

A dress rehearsal is the last rehearsal before a performance. These rehearsals are mandatory, as changes can happen in these rehearsals which can affect the performance. If a student misses a dress rehearsal, they must receive permission from the conductor to play the concert. If a student misses an orchestra dress rehearsal, seating may be affected, and the conductor has the discretion to decide if the student may play in the concert or not.


Beginner/Choir ensembles will have their dress rehearsal during their usual rehearsal time in the usual locations.

Dress rehearsals for ISO/CSO/YS ensembles will be shorter, touch-up rehearsals the day of the concert in Baldwin Auditorium. Students should enter through the back entrance off of the circle drive (off of Markham). To prevent drop-off's blocking the road, families with portable instruments (violins and violas) should drop students off in front of Biddle, by the Biddle loading dock, or via side street parking and walk over to Baldwin.

The orchestra dress rehearsals on 4/28/2024 will be during the following times:

YS: 2:00-3:15,  Arrive by 1:45 to get unpacked and tuned
CSO: 3:30-4:30,  Arrive by 3:15 to get unpacked and tuned
ISO: 4:45-5:30,  Arrive by 4:30 to get unpacked and tuned
—> Concert @ 6:30


Concert Dress Code:


Please see our policies page.