Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Dress Rehearsals:

A dress rehearsal is the last rehearsal before a performance. These rehearsals are mandatory, as changes can happen in these rehearsals which can affect the performance. If a student misses a dress rehearsal, they must receive permission from the conductor to play the concert. If a student misses an orchestra dress rehearsal, seating may be affected, and the conductor has the discretion to decide if the student may play in the concert or not.


Beginner/Choir ensembles will have their dress rehearsal during their usual rehearsal time in the usual locations.

Dress rehearsals for ISO/CSO/YS ensembles will be shorter, touch-up rehearsals the day of the concert in Baldwin during the following times:

YS: 1:30-2:45,  Arrive by 1:15 to get unpacked and tuned
CSO: 3:15-4:15,  Arrive by 3:00 to get unpacked and tuned
ISO: 4:30-530,  Arrive by 4:15 to get unpacked and tuned
—> Concert @ 6:30


Concert Dress Code:


Please see our policies page.