Violin Choir III

Violin Choir 3 students

Students typically spend more than one year in each ensemble.  The Violin and Cello Choirs are supplemental group classes for students taking weekly private lessons, generally through the Duke University String School.

Violin Choir III is a supplemental group class for students taking private lessons through the Duke University String School who have mastered the skills learned in the Violin Choir II group class.  Students will prepare concert pieces as an ensemble to perform and learn about playing in an orchestra to prepare to enter the DUSS String Orchestras.   Students will learn pieces incorporating techniques such as fast 16th notes, shifting to 3rd position, playing with multiple parts (duets, trios, 4 parts), musical phrasing, and other more advanced techniques.  Students will also learn about orchestral seating, basic conducting patterns, more difficult time signatures such as compound rhythm (6/8, 9/8, cut time), and have an introduction into other clefs (alto and bass).

Students in Violin Choir III should be working on shifting to 3rd position in their private lessons so that the group can play pieces incorporating this technique.

Audition Pre-requisites:

  • A developing vibrato on all fingers
  • Play double stops with a ringing tone and without pressing (multiple strings at one)
  • Be prepared to introduce 3rd position during the year in Violin Choir 3, and begin learning all notes on the violin in 3rd position on all strings
  • Know all intervals (Minor 2nd through Octave)
  • Sight read in first position
  • Good understanding of playing in all parts of the bow (tip, frog, and middle)

Audition Guidelines: A scale and solo piece of your choice.  Memorization of the scale and solo piece is preferred.

Audition Suggestions: Any 2-3 octave scale, Boccherini Minuet (Suzuki Book 2), Suzuki Book 3 pieces, Elves Dance by Jenkinson, La Cinquantaine by Gabriel-Marie (Solos for Young Violinists, Volume 1), and pieces at a similar level.

Violin Choir 3 class