Viola for Violinists

Viola for Violinists

Viola for Violinists is a class for violin students in the ISO, CSO, and YS level who are interested in learning about how to play the viola.  Violists are always in hot demand, both in chamber music and in string orchestras.  Whether you want to add viola to your wheelhouse, or are considering making the switch, take this class!  It's a great opportunity for students to give viola a try and see how they like the beautiful resonance of the viola.

Students will need to bring an appropriately sized viola for the class.  DUSS has several violas available for a short-term free rental at a first-come basis.  Students can rent a viola for 1 month at reasonable rates through High Strung*, Triangle Strings**, or other vendors before making the decision to rent for longer or purchase an instrument.

The 3-week course includes the "Viola for Violinists" etude book by Whistler to continue using after the class is over.

Viola for Violinist Class Dates for 2017/2018:  Classes will take place during the Spring Semester.

Fee:  $40

Viola rentals are available on a monthly basis from the following stores:  

High Strung Violins and Guitars

Triangle Strings