Summer Private Lessons

Summer Lessons 2020

In order to accommodate rapidly changing summer plans for each family, we will be having two Summer Sessions with separate registrations. Summer Session 1 is for lessons taking place in May and June. Summer Session 2 is for lessons taking place in July and August.

Summer Session 1 (May/June)

Registration deadline: Friday, April 31

Summer Session 2 (July/August)

Registration deadline: Wednesday, June 17

The policy that students must have at least 6 summer lessons to keep their spot in their studio will not apply until next year (2021).

This form is for returning students only. You and your teacher may choose how many lessons you take during each summer session. The following matrix helps you determine the number of lessons and lesson length. For example, the cost of six 45-minute lessons is $282. The options are: 2, 4, 6, or 8 lessons for each Summer Session.

  30 min 45 min 60 min
4 lessons $148 $188 $224
6 lessons $222 $282 $336
8 lessons $296 $376 $448

Please complete the Summer Private Lessons form to register your child or children for private lessons over the summer.