Intermediate String Orchestra News

February 6, 2019

This Spring ISO will be performing the Serenade for Strings by Norman Leyden. It is a four-movement work: Prelude, Fugue, Nocturne, and Cakewalk. A great recording of this work can be found at:   read more »

November 16, 2018

Congratulations on a great performance at our first concert of the year! As we prepare for our next concert it is important to attend all rehearsals and practice every day! I am proud of every member of the orchestra and look forward to raising the bar with each performance. Our new selections will... read more »

September 10, 2018

Hello ISO families!  It was a great week back! From our first rehearsal to the wonderful potluck lunch, I feel we are ready to take on the challenges of the new DUSS year. Speaking of challenges... "To Tame the Raging Rapids" has been on my mind. It is easily the hardest song ISO has ever performed... read more »

September 4, 2018

Hello ISO students and parents. We will start our year by performing two great songs, "Toccatina" and "To Tame the Raging Rapids". Our first rehearsal at Bone Hall starts 8:45am September 8th, please arrive early to tune. We will pass out all music on Saturday, but feel free to download the parts ... read more »

August 2, 2018

Hello, ISO Leadership Applicants! Here is your chance to stand out as a young musician by sitting at the front of the ensemble and helping lead the orchestra. Applicants will be judged by their musicality, steady tempo, solid intonation, rhythm, posture and technique. The following are excerpts for... read more »

May 2, 2018

Hello Everyone! Our concert is fast approaching. Please watch my video for more information about this weekend: 1) Saturday (5/5) rehearsal is at East Chapel Hill High from 8:45-10am. 2) Sunday (5/6) is our concert at Baldwin Auditorium. Dress rehearsal is at 4:30-5:30, concert starts at 6:30. ... read more »

March 7, 2018

It has been my pleasure to work with the students and parents of the ISO orchestra! I am excited for our final concert of the year. It will feature an original composition my Matthew Erickson, a lovely work called Adoration by Borowski, and The Entertainer by Scott Joplin. This will be the most... read more »

February 1, 2018

Hello ISO!  I'm posting all ISO music in case you need an additional copy. We have sectionals this week (March 10th), and let's meet in Bone Hall before breaking out into sections. Everyone should have their music binder and a pencil. Keep practicing hard and I will see you this weekend!  -Mr.... read more »

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!!! 2018 is going to be a great year for ISO. This Saturday (January 8th) is our first rehearsal of the spring semester. Please review all ISO music before Saturday to maximize our rehearsal time. We music teachers, and conductors, will be practicing hard too. The DUSS faculty will ... read more »

October 19, 2017

What a great start we’ve had to our year! I am very proud of all the hard work, both in rehearsal, and at home practicing. Our November concert is very important. It is the Duke University String School’s 50th anniversary! Dorothy Kitchen will be in attendance, and as a special treat we will be... read more »