ISO Leadership Audition Music 2017-18

Hello, ISO Leadership Applicants! Here is your chance to stand out as a young musician by sitting at the front of the ensemble and helping lead the orchestra. Applicants will be judged by their steady tempo, solid intonation, rhythm, and musicality. There are two Leadership Audition selections, one from Handel's Allegro (Opus 6, No.1) and the Serendipity Suite (Richard Meyer). Leaders need to be well-practiced, calm and confident. Good luck!


Serendipity Suite: Measures 36-End, tempo 132bpm. 

Allegro: Beginning to B, tempo 100bpm.


Serendipity Suite: Measures 5-24, tempo 92bpm

​Allegro: Pickup to E-G, tempo 100bpm


Serendipity Suite: Meaures 20-32, tempo 108bpm

​Allegro: Measures Measures 29-37, tempo 100bpm


Serendipity Suite: Meausres 9-25, tempo 96bpm

​Allegro: B-D, tempo 100bpm