Cello Choir I

Students typically spend more than one year in each ensemble.  The Violin and Cello Choirs are supplemental group classes for students taking weekly private lessons, generally through the Duke University String School.

Cello Choir 1 student

Cello Choir I is a supplemental group class for students taking private lessons through the Duke University String School who have mastered the skills learned in the Beginning Cello Group Class.  Students will build on technical skills learned in the Beginning Cello Group Class to prepare concert pieces as an ensemble.  Students will learn C, G, F, and D major scales in one octave.  Also, students will be introduced to slurs, basic rhythms, dynamics, dotted quarter notes, triplets, sixteenth notes, and forward and backward extensions.  Students will be introduced to all intervals in a major scale (Minor 2nd through Octave).  Students in this class will continue to develop ensemble skills by learning to perform pieces in duets.

Audition Prerequisites:

  • Correct posture and bow hold
  • Ability to play in all parts of the bow (tip, middle, frog)
  • Left Hand with curved tunnel fingers with a relaxed thumb underneath the second finger
  • Straight line from elbow to wrist to pinky "EWP line" for left arm
  • Know all note names in first and second position, and be able to play in both positions
  • Understand and be able to clap basic rhythms (sixteenth notes, eighth notes, quarter notes, half notes, whole notes)
  • Ability to play with good quality tone and intonation

Audition Guidelines: A scale and solo piece of your choice. Memorization of scale and solo piece is preferred.

Audition Suggestions: A major, D major scale with whole bow use; Allegro, Long Long Ago, Andantino, Rigadoon (Suzuki Book 1), Polka, Bow to your Part, The Game Starts (Samuel Applebaum String Builder Book 1).