Chamber & Classes

Chamber Music

The Chamber Music Program develops musicians into strong chamber music performers. Chamber music is a team effort but one that requires each musician's personal commitment to give their best. Chamber Music placement is based on group and coach availability during the fall and spring semesters. Students must be in a DUSS orchestra in order to participate in Chamber Music. Auditions are... read more »

DUSS-Ciompi Quartet Collaborative

The DUSS-Ciompi Quartet Collaborative (DCC) is an intensive chamber music and orchestral program based at Duke University for advanced musicians age 12-18. DCC Students will be coached weekly with members of the Ciompi Quartet and DUSS faculty and participate in regular master classes with visiting professional soloists and chamber musicians throughout the year. Student performers will attain... read more »

Music Theory

Music Theory I  (Fall Semester) Includes all the basic building blocks that make up music. Students will study staff notation, key signatures, intervals, triads, 7th chords, ear training, and even conducting. Theory I sets the foundation for the rules and construction of Western- European music composition. Available to: DUSS musicians learning... read more »