Beginner Violin Choir

(Age 5-8)

Students typically spend more than one year in each ensemble.  The Violin and Cello Choirs are supplemental group classes for students taking weekly private lessons, generally through the Duke University String School.

The Beginner Violin Choir is generally for students with no prior music training and students with less than a year of music lessons.  In this class, we begin with learning the parts of the violin, how to correctly hold the violin, and introductory theory such as simple rhythms with the Kodaly method, and note names.  We will quickly move to left hand pizzicato, introduction of the bow and bow hold, left hand placement on the fingerboard, pre-Twinkle pieces, A major scale, Twinkle variations and beyond and prepare concert pieces to perform as an ensemble.  Students will learn how to play with the three foundational bow strokes: martelé, detaché, and legato.  Students will learn to play with energy and joy as a group as well as practice performing solos in front of their peers. 

Parents are welcome and encouraged to join us and observe the class.

There are no prerequisites or auditions for this class.

Beginner violin group class.