Student Registration Information 2022/23

Instructions for Registration: Registration for Fall 2022 will open soon

The deadline for private lessons, all ensembles, and class registration is Monday, August 22nd.

Please fill out the forms as completely as possible and please note that families with multiple children may use the same form for the whole family. 

"Thank you for your registration" message will let you know you have completed your registration. 

We encourage parents to pay for String School online and you will receive details from Katharine. Payment by check will continue to be an option.

  • Private lesson students: your full payment or your first of two installments is due before your first lesson.   
  • If you wish to pay in installments, please write a note in the Questions and Comments Box at the end of the form. There is no extra fee if you decide to pay in installments, but we do round up the decimals, and all installments must be paid  by the end of the semester.  The installments are due September 7 and November 7.  Spring Semester payments are due January 7 and March 7.
  • Late Fees: Registrations after the deadline will receive an additional $30 fee.  Any full payment or installment of payment received after due date will incur a $30 late fee.
If you have any questions, please email Katharine at