2023-2024 Fees

Fees are per semesterPrivate Lesson fees and Ensemble fees are separate.

Parents may chose to pay in full or in 2 installments.  There is no additional fee for paying in installments, however, decimals are rounded up.  For Fall semester, payments are due no later than: September 5 and November 5.  For Spring semester payments are due: January 5 and March 5.

Any full payment or installment of payment received after due date will incur a $30 late fee.

For new registrants, there is a one time $30 non-refundable application fee. Any student taking more than 1 semester away from any of our programs and rejoining will incur $30 administrative processing fee upon re-registration.

No refunds will be given after the first week of each semester.  If a student drops lessons or ensemble mid-semester, they are responsible for paying any remaining fees owed for the remainder of the semester.

 Private Lessons

  • 60 minutes  $805
  • 45 minutes  $675
  • 30 minutes  $535

Private lesson students: There are 14 lessons each semester.

String Orchestra Tuition:

  • Youth Symphony (2 hrs):  $235/semester
  • Concert String Orchestra (1.5 hrs): $215/semester
  • Intermediate String Orchestras (1.25 hrs): $195/semester
  • Violin and Cello Beginners and Choirs (1 hr): $175/semester

Large Ensemble students: There are 12 to 16 rehearsals each semester, depending on the semester and where holidays land. Rehearsals will take place on Zoom when there is inclement weather.

Chamber Music

  • 60-Minute Coaching   $265/semester
  • 45- Minute Coaching  $215/semester

Chamber Music students: There are 12 coachings each semester.

DUSS-Ciompi Collaborative, Advanced Chamber Music Program

  • 60-minute coachings and 60-minute scheduled rehearsals   $355/semester

DCC Students: There are 12 coachings each semester, reserved space for weekly student-led rehearsals, as well as 1-2 special master classes and performances each semester. (This fee does not include orchestra tuition.)

Music Theory I and II

  • $100 per semester
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