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Thank you for the great first concert! We begin to play together well. For the next concert, we will try two songs both in two voices. we'll learn pizzicato and slurs, more complicated bow use and distribution. Let's keep making good sound and music!  Download D major scale (pdf - 154.19 KB) Download Dance Josey (pdf - 260.18 KB) Download Gypsy Love Song (pdf - 352.6… read more about Second Concert Cycle (February concert) 2022-2023 »

  Welcome to Violin Choir 1! Our classes are on Saturdays, September 10 through December 10 (no class on November 26) in room 104 from 10-11am  Please arrive 5 minutes early to get unpacked and ready to tune. The repertoire will be: Down the Station and Kanon. We will have folders with music printed out for you on the first class on September 10th  and there is no expectation to practice for this first rehearsal. We will have a good time working on sight reading and marking sections in our parts. … read more about Violin Choir 1 1st fall concert cycle »

Hi Violin Choir 1. We have come so far with ensemble skills! For our last concert, we'll work on more complicated left finger patterns and new key and rhythms.  - G major scale - Rigaudon by Henry Purcell - Irish Jig Medley Download(s): G_major_scale.pdf Rigaudon.pdf Irish_Jig_Medley.pdf read more about Third Concert Cycle (April concert) 2022 »

Great job in the fall concert, Violin Choir 1! This group did great work this semester and has come a long way as an ensemble. Here are new materials for the February concert.  - D major scale - Square Dance - Mary Widow Waltz Download(s): D major scale copy.pdf Square Dance 2.pdf Mary Widow Waltz.pdf read more about Second Concert Cycle 2021-2022 »

Welcome to Violin Choir 1! We will be working on "Martin's March" in duet and "There was an old woman, as I've heard tell" for November 6th concert. Download(s): A_major_scale copy.pdf Martin’s March Melody.pdf Martin’s March Harmony.pdf There was an old women, as I’ve heard tell.pdf read more about Fall 2021 first concert cycle  »

Hello Violin Choir 1! Our spring 2021 schedule is 3/13, 3/27, 4/17, 5/1* and 5/15*, 2-3pm at Baldwin Tent. (* dates are recording dates) We will be working on simple G major songs. Please warm up and learn the G major scale if you haven't done yet at your private lessons, and start with "She will be coming around the mountain when she comes". This is really fun duet that we combine pizzicato and double stops! Please work on both parts with your private teacher. I upload another song "Blue Bells of Scotland" for an extra.… read more about Spring 2021 Repertoire »

Hello Violin Choir 1. Here are the music we'll work on this semester. It will be uncertain semester but we'll try our best to have fun playing together. Download(s): A_major_scale copy.pdf D major scale.pdf Oh! Susanna (duet).pdf Scherzando.pdf read more about Fall 2020 Repertoire »

Thank you for the great concert last Saturday, 2/15! Here is the new music for our last concert. A big technical leap now to play a minor key song and to learn a new fingering pattern. Please ask any questions. Download(s): "Sakura" Japanese Folk Song " Skiing" Swedish Folk Song read more about Final Concert Cycle, April 2020 »

Thank you for the hard work and great support for the first concert! Here is the music for the next concert cycle.  Download(s): D major scale.pdf Polly Wolly Doodle.pdf Pop Goes the Weasel.pdf read more about Second Concert Cycle, February 2020 »

On the blog, you will find the music that we will be working on throughout the upcoming months. You will receive a folder with all the music, but if you lose a piece of music, you can print it off here to continue practicing it. I will also post updates on what we will be playing for our 3 concerts, and any other messages to the group.  Here is some additional information about the class: Parents are always welcome to stay as observers. Please arrive early enough to get ready to start on time. Try not to miss classes. … read more about Welcome to the Violin Choir 1 2019-2020 Students and Families »

Here is the music for the third and last concert in April!  We are introducing G major two octaves, which requires "Low 2" fingering patterns and two songs in G major.  Download(s): VC1 3rd cycle 2018-2019.pdf read more about Final Concert Cycle Repertoire »

Thank you for the hard work and great support for the first concert! Here is the music for the next concert cycle.  Download(s): 2nd concert cycle 2018-2019.pdf read more about Second Concert Cycle, February 2019 »

Welcome to Nonoko's Violin Choir 1. We will start off with a big fun project collaborating with cello choirs! Download(s): First Cycle 2018-2019.pdf Martin's March piano part 1.pdf Martin's march piano part 2.pdf read more about First Concert Cycle, Fall 2018 »

Thank you so much for making Baroque theme concert special last weekend, March 3rd. I was pleasantly surprised that many students expressed how much they love the Minuet we played.  I think playing Arkansas Traveler alongside VC3 was a lot of fun, too. Here is the music for the end of year concert. "She will be coming around the mountain" has new elements like left hand pizzicato and double stops. "Soldiers Joy" is a fun fiddle tune a bit longer than what we've worked on so far. It will be great! Download(s): D major 1.5… read more about Third Concert Cycle »

Thank you for a great concert on Saturday, Nov. 11. It was very special to play Orange Blossom Special with everyone!  Now here are music for the next concert cycle. G major scale is from Suzuki Book 1 most of you have. Minuet could be challenging and it is in two parts! But I believe we can do this. Please work on both top and bottom line. Arkansas Traveler will be played with Violin Choir 3 at the concert. It will be like smaller scale of Orange Blossom Special. It will be fun. Download(s): Minuet.pdf G major 2… read more about Second Concert Cycle, March 2018 »

Hi Violin Choir 1! Our exciting 50th anniversary concert is coming up. You did great rehearsing with Beginner Violins and Cello Choir last Saturday. We'll have a great performance.  Here is the infomation about the day of the concert, Saturday, November 11th. 10-10:30am regular class in room #104                                                                                                                                                                                               10:30-11am … read more about November 11th schedule and concert  »

Hi.  Welcome to Nonoko's Violin Choir 1 2017-2018.  Here is the music I distributed last Saturday, September 9th. I am looking forward to our 50th anniversary season! Download(s): A major, Frog song, Ode to Joy, Alouette Orange Blossom Special read more about First Concert Cycle, Fall 2017 »

Hi Violin Choir 1 families, Thank you so much for great music making this year! I truly had great time with each one of you and learned a lot from everyone. This Saturday, April 29th will be our last day of group class and a concert. The rehearsal is at 11am in Nelson Music Room. The concert is at 4pm at the same location. Please be there by 3:30pm so that we can tune and line up.  The children grew up so much and progressed well during this school year. Probably I won't see many of you next year since… read more about Thank you for great music making VC1 »

Download(s): rigaudon Blue bells of Scotland read more about Violin Choir 1 Third Concert Cycle »

Haydn Symphony D Major Scale and Arpeggios London Bridge Dance Josey read more about Violin Choir 1 Second Concert Cycle »

Welcome to Violin Choir 1, 2016-17! You will receive folders with your music for our first concert cycle this Saturday, September 10th.  Looking forward to seeing you in group class! D Major Scale and Arpeggios A Major Scale Cuckoo Cuckoo Duet Hungarian Folk Tune Dance Josey London Bridge read more about Violin Choir I, 1st concert cycle music »

Oh Susanna! Below you will find pieces that the Violin Choir I will work on in the Spring Semester, starting on January 16th. Can't You Dance the Polka? read more about Music for Spring Semester- Violin Choir I »

Was Soll Das Bedeuten Violin Choir 1 will be playing two songs for our December 5th concert.  Winter Song Perpetual Motion read more about Music for Fall Semester 2015 »