First Week Back!

Hello ISO families! 

It was a great week back! From our first rehearsal to the wonderful potluck lunch, I feel we are ready to take on the challenges of the new DUSS year. Speaking of challenges... "To Tame the Raging Rapids" has been on my mind. It is easily the hardest song ISO has ever performed. It will require a lot of practice and hard work. Please work with your private lesson teacher if you are having difficulty with your part. We have plenty of time to learn the music, but now is the most important time to practice the notes and rhythms so that we can work on the "music" in Saturday's rehearsal. 

I am really proud of the work you have all done and look forward to an amazing first concert. Remember to practice slow with a metronome. There should me no tension in your playing! Seeya this Saturday!

-Matt Stutzman