3rd Concert Music

Hello Students and Parents,

I am so proud of how far you’ve come! Every concert we must raise the bar of excellence. Our last concert has the most challenging music is skill and scope. Here are the three exciting pieces we will be performing Saturday May 2nd.

  1. Enigma Variations:

Elgar’s Enigma Variations have some of the most beautiful musical themes in all classical music! I will include a recording with the musical score. Try following along in your part while listening!


2) Scenes from a Summer in the City:

Composer and Duke student Selin Ozcelik has written the ISO an original composition! The piece centers around her time in New York city. She will be conducting and rehearing this piece. There are no recordings of this piece yet. We will be making the first one!!!

3) Mary’s Waltz

I met a fiddler named Bob Herring years ago here in Durham. He runs the OldTime fiddle jam at Loco Pops every Tuesday night. While I am in the process of recording and mixing The Red Herrings (Bob’s band) album, one of his songs always gets stuck in my head. He wrote a waltz for his wife, Mary. I want to share some locally composed fiddle music and so I created this arrangement for ISO. There are many double-stops and the rhythm is slightly swung. The recording of this piece has not been released yet, I hope it will come out soon!