Welcome to Violin Choir II 2019/20!

Welcome to the Violin Choir II blog! I had such a great time meeting everyone last Saturday. Here's where you can find the music we’ll be working on for our concerts. Our first set of pieces can also be found under “Fall 2019 Concert Pieces.” If you lose a piece of music from your folder, you can always print it off from the blog to continue practicing it.

Here is some additional information about the class:

  • Parents are always welcome to stay as observers.
  • Please arrive early enough to get ready to start on time.
  • Try not to miss classes.  You might not be able to perform at the concerts if you skip too many.  Please let me know ahead of time if you cannot make it to a class via email. If you miss more than 2 classes, you’ll be asked to play our pieces for me outside of class to make sure you’ll be ready for our concert.
  • Please bring your folder and a pencil to every class.  We might not use the music, but I might add something to it to practice at home.
  • Please practice the group class pieces at home, and bring them to your private teacher for individual attention.
  • I am happy to answer questions you may have about the class!

Students are welcome to perform polished, memorized solo pieces in class with approval from their private teacher. It's a great opportunity to practice performing and get some feedback!

I’ll be posting this information here on our blog as well, where you can also find updates. Looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday!