Spring 2020 3rd Concert Cycle

Hello, VC2!

Here you can find our music for the third concert cycle. We'll be working on vibrato with O How Lovely Is the Evening and playing a duet of Sailor's Hornpipe. I'm also attaching our D minor scales so we can start working on those in class, too.

For Sailor's Hornpipe, I'll be assigning parts to learn so we can play it together as a duet. Here are the part assignments:

Top part: Ilsa, Luka, Haochen, Royce, Emma, Ajax, Neila, Frank

Bottom part: Matilda, Shael, Patrick, Rosie, Ashten, Ryan, Varunie, Ian

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Looking forward to our concert this Saturday, 2/15 at 4pm!