Carlos Bardales

Carlos Bardales

Teacher of Cello, Conductor of the Cello Choir.

Carlos A. Bardales was born in Tela, Honduras.  At an early age, he began taking cello lessons from Jerry Withkowsky and Max First in the Victoriano Lopez conservatory in San Pedro Sula Honduras.  After playing cello for three years, he won his first audition to be part of the advanced chamber orchestra of the school which only two students cellist took part of it.

Being the youngest cello player at the San José Costa Rica Symphony Orchestra from 1982 to 1986 has been one of his greater achievements.  In those years, while completing his high school in Costa Rica, he took cello lessons with Dianne Buchianeri and Dan Neal.  Also, he was a member of the San José Costa Rica Youth Symphony Orchestra.  When he finished high school, he was accepted at the Inter American Institute for Instrumental Studies where he studied theory with Miriam Accame and performance with Dan Neal and Elliot Cheney.  Apart from playing chamber music, he periodically took part in master classes; the one that stands out the most was his playing the cello for Maestro Adolfo Odnoposoff. 

When he graduated from the American Institute for Instrumental Studies he became a teacher at the youth program sponsored by the San José Costa Rica Symphony Orchestra.  In 1983 Mr. Bardales was invited, as a performer and student, to participate at the Pablo Casals Music Festival in San Juan Puerto Rico.

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