50th Anniversary Workshops and Master Classes

50th Anniversary Workshops and Master Classes

We have an exciting line up for Workshops and Master Classes to celebrate 50 years!

October 7th- Hal Grossman No Pain All Gain Workshop: ​Internationally acclaimed, the No Pain, ALL GAIN: a Healthy Way to Stretch and Play workshop takes participants through a series of stretches and breathing exercises specifically designed for musicians to help alleviate muscle tension and help prevent tendonitis, shaky bow arms for string players, and racing heart rates.  Techniques for relaxation, concentration and focus are addressed as well as a discussion of muscle anatomy.  

October 14 - Emanuel Gruber Cello Master Class

November 4 - Erica Shirts Violin and Viola Master Class

January 20- David Carter Cello Master Class

February 3 - Jackie Wolborsky Violin master class

February 10 - Baroque Orchestra Workshop with The Vivaldi Project, Part of HIP (Historically Informed Performance) Festival

April 14- Jennifer Curtis Improvisation workshop:  This two-hour master class offers students applied theory and ear training both within the context of the repertoire they are currently working on and through an exploration of improvisation.  In this workshop, we will choose key areas and modulations of particular relevance in the pieces students are working on, and then together improvise between the chosen key areas. In this manner, we will discover the music’s distinguishing characteristics by articulating the emotional qualities or psychological moods per key and discussing the best way to technically achieve these ideas through the instrument. By the time we return to the repertoire the music will have transformed to a more personal level for the student, who can then play it with more confidence.  A more specific and therefore sophisticated interpretation thus emerges.