Weekly email for CSO (Oct. 19th)

Thursday, October 17, 2019
Hello CSO!
Here are a few notes from last week’s rehearsal. 
Mr. Rempher implored us to remember to play with dynamics. Not just to play with dynamics during rehearsal, but during your practice sessions.
 (If you don’t read or remember anything else from this note, just remember that.)
Stars and Stripes
Suddenly softer at measure 13!
At 109, he’ll start counting in 4 
Celli, with the half notes, give a little space between the notes and a burst
Violin I’s, work on timing in measure 38 and 39. In measure 85, use small bows so you don’t drag. 
I think it is fun the way this song swells with crescendos. There is a rush of sound through measures 8 and 9 and then the wave breaks at measure10. There is a ritardando before 56 -watch for Mr. R to start counting in 4- leading to 57. Then, from 57 to 65, it is like a big decrescendo setting the mood again for Ben’s beautiful viola solo. 
2nd violins, for the pickup to measure 33, write ME. That is where YOU will take over the melody. in measure 35, it says mp,  but play it mf -using full bows. 
Violas, use more sound in the solo part. 
Celli, in the divisi section, work on intonation and getting clear sound on the 8th notes. 
See you Saturday!