Fall 2021 Music for VC3

I am excited to see you for our first rehearsal on Saturday, September 11 in room 101 from 11:30-12:30pm. Please arrive 5 minutes early to get unpacked and ready to tune! The repertoire will be: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol and Slavonic Dance, and parts are attached to this blog post in case you ever need another copy. We will have folders with music printed out for you on Saturday.

First, some Covid safety protocol: Everyone will need their their own stand and music folder, and everyone will be placed at least 3 feet apart. Everyone should hand sanitize as they come in the door, and as they leave rehearsal. There are sanitizing stations throughout the Biddle Building, and we will also have hand sanitizer in the room. Due to our maximum capacity restrictions, we can only have 4-5 parents (masks please!) watching rehearsals at this time. If we are over our room's maximum capacity, you may be asked to leave. Unfortunately, no siblings will be able to attend class this semester.

Please bring: A well-fitting mask, a sturdy stand labeled with your name, your instrument, and a pencil (or 2 to be safe).

Important: If someone in your household or someone in your in-person classroom has Covid symptoms and/or tests positive, do NOT come to rehearsal the following Saturday. Simply email me and I will make sure to give you assignments so that you can know what to work on during the week. If someone in Violin Choir 3 tests positive, the following rehearsal will be on Zoom. We have faculty and students with compromised immune systems, so we have to be extremely careful this semester. Please do not take any risks so that we can remain in person.

Please review our attendance policies HERE.