Beginner Cello Pieces Part 1

This Spring we will begin by reviewing the Twinkle Theme and Variations.

In "French Folk Song" we will be developing legato bow stroke with a soft bow hold and smooth bow changes. We will also be developing the ability to bow irregular rhythms with slow and quick bows.   

In "Lightly Row" we will be working on left hand tunnels and quicker changes in right hand bow rhythm with short short long alternating bowing.  Also, our first triad will be introduced.

"Song of the Wind" or "Song of the Fruit" as I like to call it will introduce small/quick, medium, and large bow circles (retakes) and quicker string switches with the left hand.  We will also continue to develop the student's ability to play loud and soft and will introduce the concept of an echo.

***Remember "T" is for tone.  Look out for short and long arm X bows.  Watch for EWP and armpit air, tall tummies, and good cello feet!