Welcome to the 2017 Fall semester of Beginning Cello Class!

Welcome to the 2017 Fall semester of beginner cello class! Beginner cello will take place on Saturdays on from 1 -2pm in room 086 in the Biddle music building. Our first class of the 2017 fall semester will be September 9th. 

-Please bring your cello, an end pin anchor, and a small chair or stool.  

-You will receive a folder and music in our first class.

-Please bring your folder to every class.

-Music will be available shortly to download in case you lose your music. 

-Parents are always welcome to stay and observe. 

Important dates:

Our 50th Anniversary Fall Semester concert is Saturday November 11 at 4pm in the Nelson Music Room

No class on Saturday, November 25 (Thanksgiving weekend)

Our last day of class for the fall semester is Saturday, December 9th