Welcome To 2018-2019 Cello Choir I

Welcome Cello Choir 1 members and families.  I want to congratulate each one of the members and I want to let you know I am eager to start this wonderful journey.  I want to thank parents for bringing the children each Saturday for coaching sessions.

Our first rehearsal will be this Saturday September 8, 2018 at 10:00 am. in the Biddle Music Building classroom 102.  Please print the attached technique exercises as we will work on reading notes in the middle strings of the cello as we work on posture, cello hand, and bow hold. 

Students typically spend more than one year in CC1.  Cello Choir I is a supplemental group class for students taking private lessons through the Duke University String School who have mastered the skills learned in the Beginning Cello Group Class.  Students will build on technical skills learned in the Beginning Cello Group Class to prepare concert pieces as an ensemble.  Students will learn C, G, F, and D major scales in one octave.  Also, students will be introduced to slurs, basic rhythms, dynamics, dotted quarter notes, triplets, sixteenth notes, and forward and backward extensions.  Students will be introduced to all intervals in a major scale (Minor 2nd through Octave).  Students in this class will continue to develop ensemble skills by learning to perform pieces in duets.

The members of CC1 are: Gwyneth Bernhardt, Alex Forman, Cyrus Gadbury, Hannah Khandani, Ben Stemmle, and Henry Waggoner.

I am looking forward to a great year of building cello playing techniques through playing beautiful music.